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Primrose earrings

° The Precious Sprud °

Glowing earrings

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Fairytale filigree luminous earrings with rhinestone application in mint opal and noctilucent pearls in ° peppermint °

° Designed and Manufactured by Elfgard®

product details

· Metal color: antique bronze
· Material: Burnished jewelry alloys

Size: *3.4CM* / *1.5CM*

· Pearl: Glass pearl with noctilucent inclusions
Colour: °Glow in the Dark Peppermint°
· Emitting color: light green


Since I don't want to burden myself or my customers with heavy metals, I only work with materials that comply with the manufacturer's guarantee
Are nickel, lead and cadmium free. Nevertheless, I cannot rule out
that allergic reactions may occur in individual cases.
I would be happy to answer any further questions about the
customer service

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